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Digital control bench oven
Inner size(mm): custom size

Tempreture range: RT-250℃ (300℃/400℃/500℃ as requirment)

Power: 15-42kw (as requirment)

Power supply: 110V/220V/380V/415V/440V... (50/60Hz)

Temperature fluctuation: +/- 1℃

Temperature uniformity: no load +/-2- 2.5%℃

Heating rate:RT-100℃ in 10 or 20 minutes

Inner material: stainless board / cold rolled board

Case material: cold rolled board / stainless board

Temperature control: SSR/SCR output, Automatic PID conrol, LED digital display
Digital control bench oven used in a wide range of applications:

Using multi segment programmable temperature controller, self input set arbitrary elevating temperature curve, the programmable oven baking zone into the trolley, bulk material heating, heating and drying, suitable for motor, transformer insulating paint dipping paint curing, drying, electroplating, sign electronic capacitors, transformers, metal products hardware accessories preheating and annealing and tempering aging treatment, aluminum products, automotive trim styling, flocking, brakes, clutch friction materials, glass paint, oil heating, curing of epoxy resin, paint hardening, organic glass softening, can also be used for heat treatment of electronic products related to PCB, FPC, LCD, LED, EL, MLCC IC, CMOS, SMT, packaging, buttons, coil, chemical, wood, trademark, printing, leather, auto accessories, plastic and other areas, thermal processing
And more..