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Clean room oven
Inner size(mm): custom size

Tempreture range: RT-250℃ (300℃/400℃/500℃ as requirment)

Power: 3.6-30kw (as requirment)

Power supply: 110V/220V/380V/415V/440V... (50/60Hz)

Temperature fluctuation: +/- 1℃

Temperature uniformity: no load +/- 2.5%℃

Heating rate:RT-100℃ in 20 minutes

Inner material: stainless board

Case material: cold rolled board / stainless board

Clean grade: Hundred or Thousand grade clean

Temperature control: SSR/SCR output, Automatic PID conrol, LED digital display

Clean room oven used in a wide range of applications:

The solar industry round bar section after pickling, baking ingot degumming, substrate stress removal, ink drying and curing, drying, coating. Widely used in solar energy, electronics, motor, communication, printing, medicine, powder, dipping, spraying, glass, ceramics,...... And no pollution, drying, preheating, roasting precision shaping, machining etc.. Meet the high temperature baking and drying needs medicine, biochemical, light industry, electronics and other materials in clean environment for electronic clean requirements (especially the semiconductor, LCD industry), optical, pharmaceutical, chemical and other enterprises and institutions and scientific research departments for hot pressing LCD LCD glass attaching frame glue, electronic component aging, PI curing and drying process
And more..